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Becareful with The Opening Door

Post up inside the trains. Read the sentence and increase your kanji skill.


hiraku doa ni go chuui

MEANING : Becareful with the door to be open.


ひらく: hiraku = open, unpack, unfold, unlock 
ドア : doa = door
注意 : […]


Foreigner in Japan should know this sign. Learn more about the two kanjis.

Read the kanji, don't get lost.

Read the kanji, don't get lost.

1. 出口

READING : deguchi

MEANING : exit


- […]

Being Pregnant

Expecting mother in Japan, should use this sign,  receive from the pediatricians or city ward office, health department. Read the sentence, memorize the kanji.

Being pregnant.

Being pregnant.


MEANING : There is a baby/babies in the stomach/belly (the user is being […]

Let’s Study Hiragana Part 10 : わ (wa)

Try to memorize hiragana part 10 : わ を ん (wa, wo, n).
This is the last part of hiragana. However, there are still some other lessons : combination hiragana and particular added symbols.


Public Toilet (1)

It is easy to find this kind of warnings in Japan. Improve your Japanese by reading, memorizing and understanding the kanji, vocabulary, and sentence patterns in the warning.


Reading :

toire.uribanai wa kin en to natte imasu.
nao, kono toire wa en kanchiki wo secchi shite imasu.
raita.macchitou wo shiyousareruto […]

Let’s Study Hiragana Part 9 : ら (RA)

Try to memorize hiragana part 9 : ら り る れ ろ (ra ri ru re ro)


Let’s Study Hiragana Part 8 : や (YA)

Try to memorize hiragana part 8 : や ゆ よ (ya yu yo)


Let’s Study Hiragana Part 7 : ま (MA)

Try to memorize hiragana part 7 : ま み む め も (ma mi mu me mo)


Let’s Study Hiragana Part 6 : は (HA)

Try to memorize hiragana part 6 : は ひ ふ へ ほ (ha hi fu he ho)


Let’s Study Hiragana Part 5 : な (NA)

Try to memorize hiragana part 5 : な に ぬ ね の (na ni nu ne no)


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