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Public Toilet (1)

It is easy to find this kind of warnings in Japan. Improve your Japanese by reading, memorizing and understanding the kanji, vocabulary, and sentence patterns in the warning.


Reading :

toire.uribanai wa kin en to natte imasu.
nao, kono toire wa en kanchiki wo secchi shite imasu.
raita.macchitou wo shiyousareruto keihou on ga nari, bousai senta- he 
tsuuhou saremasu node, shiyou sarenai you, onegaishimasu.

Meaning :

No smoking permitted in all areas in the shops. Fire sensors are activated and connected to disaster prevention center. Please refrain from using lighter or match, as they will ring the alarm.

Vocabulary and kanji :

1. お願い: onegai = a request.  
2. トイレ : toire = toilet.
3. 売場 : uriba = places where people can sell something = shop. 内: nai = inside
4. 禁煙 : kin-en = no-smoking-area.
5. なお : nao = in addition, as well
6. 炎: en = fire, blaze 
7. 感知器: kanchiki = sensor
8. 設置する : secchi suru : set up, install, put up
9. ライター: raita- = lighter
10. マッチ等: macchitou = march
11. 使用される: shiyou sareru = to be used
12. 警報音: kei hou on = alarm’s sound
13. 防災センター: bousai-senta- = disaster prevention center
14. 通報する : tsuuhou suru = to notify, to warn, to call in