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the lower, the more respectful

The Japanese bow is famous: the lower the bow, the more respectful. Traditionally, there would be not be any contact in the form of a handshake or kisses. With the increasing Western influence, the Japanese now often shakehands, sometimes bowing at the same time, especially when meeting foreigners.



Say these expressions aloud and try to remember the Japanese for each.

こんにちは!: hello!

おはようございます= Good morning
ohayou gozaimasu

こんばんは = Good evening

私の名前は。。。です = My name is …
watashi no namae wa … desu

どうぞ、よろしく = pleased to meet you.
douzo, yoroshiku

さようなら   = goodbye

では、また。 = ok, see you next time
dewa, mata.